If you are a NEW resident or if you have a change for the “RESIDENT DIRECTORY”, please complete the form below and place in newsletter container in the clubhouse

Name Tags:

New residents of the Highlands of Scotland Yards who would like a name tag, please contact:

Roy Raker by e-mail nametags@floridahighlands.com or consult the Resident Directory.   Write your name as you want it to appear on the tag. The cost of the tags is $6.37 for pin-back and $8.51 for the magnet-back. Make your check payable to Trophy Land.

We wear our name tags to all community functions. Anyone needing a new tag or magnet, please contact Roy.

Letters to the Editors:







It's gonna be great having this newsletter on-line.......Thanks for all of your hard work........."Wink" & Marge Clay


Congratulations Barbara, Diane and Judy

The newsletter is so creative and full of interesting information.  You all are to be commended for the time and effort you are putting into this for the residents…

Thank you,



Hi Diane and Judy,

The newsletter on the website is awesome! It was great to be able to read it in Vermont when we are so far away from everything. The format was impressive and everyone that worked on it deserves a huge thank you. I don't have Barbara's e-mail so please pass on to her how pleased we both were to read the newsletter. Sounds like as time goes by that more and more is coming together for our community…Zoe

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