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                           Scott Heiler

                           Andy Mrak

Our First Annual Mother’s Day Dinner was a complete success!!!  The Highlands Men served 110 people a great turkey dinner with all the fixin’s.  The dinner was catered by Uncle Ned’s Restaurant on Rt. 39 in Plant City, 813-782-5966.  The Chatterbox had to cancel at the last minute due to an illness.  As soon as Roy was contacted he scurried, made a few phone calls and was able to “save the day.”

Mother’s Day Dinner

Welcome to our new residents and hello to all residents.  As we continue to grow and expand, there will be more demands put on the maintenance staff.  Danny, Kurt and I are here working very hard to satisfy everyone’s needs and in order to meet the workload we will need your co-operation.  Danny and Kurt each have their daily duties to fulfill plus any job I may need to place them on.  Available time to socialize is now at a premium.  The Highlands staff appreciates your help in not detaining them while they attempt to complete their work.  If you have a service request either at your residence or for the common areas, please write it on a work request form and drop it in the black box outside of my office.  The forms are available at the Lyn’s desk.  Please bear in mind Palm Harbor built only your home, any service request on the garage, porch or anything outside the home’s walls was performed by a sub-contractor and list those items separate from your home.  Thank you for your patience regarding service.

The Highlands has added a new cleaning person.  Her name is Carmel.  Please welcome her when you see her.

Please join me in welcoming the following new residents:

Bill and Sharon Davis                                         Sharon Adams

Anna Adamilis and Shirley Smith                       David and Deborah Stoner

Paul and Chris Weegar                                       William and Patricia Prettyman

Denise Collins and Patrick Guarino                     Richard and Johann Tirohn


We have a new secretary/receptionist in the welcome center.  Please welcome Lyn when you see her.

I Wanna  


I Gottta



Water Basketball for the pool—Paul LaCombe

Raised Toilet Seat—Roy Raker

Walker—Roy Raker

Crutches—Barbara Brown