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Barbara, Diane, Judy

Information from the Resident Committee

Text Box: May , 2005
Text Box: Volume 1, Issue 1
Text Box: Reminders
Pets should always be leashed and picked up after
Obey the 15 mph speed limit
Keep clubhouse entrance free of all vehicles 
Special Days


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Special Notice

Jim Johnston, from the Pasco County Emergency Services, will speak on Hurricane Preparedness at the April 27th coffee at 9:00 am.  Because of schedule conflicts, he cannot attend the May coffee.

Text Box: The Highland Highlights
Happy Mother's Day




April 27th—Business Mtg 9am

May 8th—Mother’s Day                                Luncheon

May 11th + 12th Sr. Driving                           Class

May 13th—Lassies' Luncheon

May 30th—Memorial Day Picnic



CoEditors:  Barbara Brown, Diane LaCombe, Judy Vesely

On April 6, 2005, Moe Dimaya, Gil Rousseau and Bob Matic volunteered to represent the Residents in an ongoing fashion.  This is a "Grass Roots Committee" NOT a "Home Owners' Association."  This  Committee was developed to bring resident questions, concerns and problems to Scott Heiler and will  report their findings at the Business Coffee on April 27th.

Moe reported $123.06 in reserve account which he will hold until there is a large enough amount to open an account.