I Wanna   I Gotta

As Don Webb says, "Most of us have Arthritis and Grandchildren."  There are items and services that each of us need occasionally.  The I Wanna - I Gotta Column is for posting those items/services.  Examples listed below:

Mothers' Day Luncheon

There will be a catered meal by the Chatterbox Restaurant, of turkey and fixings at 1:00 pm in the clubhouse.  Cost is $7.00 per person payable by April 27th.  Contact Roy Raker for more information.

We invite all residents to participate in acknowledging their special days.  If you would like your name mentioned,  please complete the form below and place in newsletter container in the clubhouse.

Name Tags:

New residents of the Highlands of Scotland Yards who would like a name tag, please contact:

Roy Raker by e-mail nametags@floridahighlands.com or consult the Resident Directory.   Write your name as you want it to appear on the tag. The cost of the tags is $6.37 for pin-back and $8.51 for the magnet-back. Make your check payable to Trophy Land.

We wear our name tags to all community functions. Anyone needing a new tag or magnet, please contact Roy.

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I Wanna  


I Gottta

Hair Dresser—Jane Doe


Crib—Jane Doe

Crutches—John Doe


Lawn Spreader—John Doe